A Day At The Spa

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Spa days are not only fun for us but can be a complete treat for your fur baby. While in our boutique your fur baby gets a complete head to toe bath, ear cleaning, brushing, and even a massage. Yes, that’s right a massage. Your fur baby will want to come back every week. They will feel completely refreshed, just like you do leaving your day spa. We use essential oils such as lavender for calming and relaxation. We also play ambient type calming and soothing music, your fur baby gets the full experience of a day spa.
Getting your fur baby booked for their day spa would be essential to them. The perks of a spa day are having tension released from your muscles and pressure released from your joints. Your fur baby has these same issues we have due to anxiety when we leave them alone at home, having a sibling running around, or even having a mate. Tension can also be built up in their joints and muscles because of exercise. Getting a good rub down or massage will help release that tension, and leave them feeling happy and refreshed for days to come.
What are you waiting for? Booking your appointment today can release stress from you tomorrow. Calming, soothing, and massaging those stubborn joints and muscles will leave your fur baby happy and ready for their next day at the spa.

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