Brushing Your Pet

Bubblepuppies1533Brushing Pet

Brushing your pet and the importance of it will be described for you in this blog. It’s very important for you to understand and know the reasons why brushing your fur baby is important. These facts will help you and you become more involved in best friends daily health and well being. 

  • Stimulates skin and helps to circulate natural oils on their skin.
  • To help notice anything irregular.
  • Spending quality time.
  • Keep your pet happy about his/her appearance.
  • Helps with prevention of skin irritations and infections.

Washing your fur baby too much can cause their skin to dry out. This is why brushing your pet, even if they are short haired, can really be essential in their daily care. Brushing keeps the oils circulating which is great on both the skin and the coat. When brushing your pet regularly, you can tell what is normal and when irregular problems become noticeable. Discoloration, tumors, bumps, eye irritation, clumping or drainage coming from the ears, teeth can also be checked as you are brushing. This tends to build a relationship between you and your fur baby where they tend to trust you more. If you do not pay attention, insects can nest into tangled fur. As well as it may become matted and the skin may become more irritated, and possibly turn into infections. There are some instances where the pet doesn’t like their coat brushed. Sometimes you just have to go slow and introduce them to a new routine. Always reward your fur baby with praise and treats, so they become more comfortable in uncomfortable, to them, situations. Try not to stress too much on untangling the coat. Just focus on being slow and starting a new routine. Your fur baby will start to look even more radiant and love the skin they are in too. You will love showing off your best friend to your friends and family.