Teeth Cleaning and It’s Importance

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Teeth Cleaning and it’s importance. We are going to go over a few reasons why getting your fur babies teeth cleaned regularly is important. Check out these 10 reasons and continue reading our blog below, to find out how you can help and prevent any leading causes to their health. Your fur babies teeth are just as important as yours are. So, don’t wait! Get them cleaned, and brush them daily.

  • Your pets breath will smell better.
  • Your pet can develop dental disease, which can lead to organ problems, such as the heart.
  • Baby teeth, that have not fallen out yet, can cause dental problems. 
  • Good dental health can prevent major health problems.
  • We need regular dental care and brush our teeth daily, so why wouldn’t your pet?
  • Periodontal disease is in 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 due to build up of plaque.
  • Without regular dental care your fur baby can lose their teeth and it be painful.
  • Dogs hide their pain well. You may not know the extent of the pain until it’s too late. That’s another reason why regular dental checks are a must.
  • Your pets teeth are tough, but they wear out quickly.
  • Learn more about your dogs teeth by reading our blog below.

We are going to start by telling you some facts about your fur baby you may not know. They have 42 full grown dog teeth once they reach adulthood. Before their adult teeth come in, all their baby teeth have to fall out. If they don’t this will lead to some severe gum irritation, and a lot of tartar build up.

Caring for your pets teeth, can in the long run save you large amounts of money. Because tartar build up can lead to periodontal disease, and other health problems.

Periodontal disease is caused by the build up of tartar or plaque, on your fur babies teeth. This is only one of many reasons to go and have your babies teeth cleaned twice a year, and brushing their teeth daily will keep plaque and tartar to a minimum.

Your pets teeth are tough, however, they are very rough on them. Eating hard foods, chewing on dog bones, raw hides, pig ears, cow hooves, some tend to chew on wood, or rocks. These types of things wear your fur babies teeth out. Preventing the weakening of their teeth by just keeping them cleaned and brushed helps.

Lastly, we want to let you know we offer 2 great services. Our first is a plaque cleansing system. We use a plaque cleansing spray and gel that sits up to 30 minutes on your babies teeth. We then, while in the tub, rinse their mouth with a water pick, like you use at the dentist. This helps loosen up some of that tartar and plaque and gets their breath smelling fresh. Our 2nd service is our teeth brushing. We have soft tooth brushes specificly made for your fur babies teeth. You will be sent home, with this tooth brush, during either service, to continue care for their teeth at home. Never use human tooth paste on your pet. This can cause irritation in the gums, which in turn can cause prolonged problems and weakening of their teeth. Use pet tooth paste that you can find at your local pet or feed stores.