Nail Clipping and It’s Importance

Bubblepuppies1533Nail Trimming

Clipping your fur babies nails is very important. Without regular nail care your fur baby could develop joint problems, wounds where their nails grow into their paw pads, and even could develop very painful bone conditions. Depending on your fur baby will depend on how often he/she needs to get their nails trimmed. If your pet is kept indoors most likely he/she will need to have them trimmed more often then, outdoor raised fur babies. It is safe to say if you hear your fur babies nails clicking on the floor, it is time for his/her pedicure.
Not all pets want this pedicure done. The process of clipping your fur babies nails can cause them to become stressed, fearful, or scared because they are not use to it. If a nail gets cut too short and bleeds it is not a fatal situation. However, it may be slightly painful as if you were to cut your nails too short. We supply a powder that stops the bleeding within a few seconds. This sometimes can cause you as the pet parent to want to avoid nail clippings, but we are here to help you understand the importance. We have an amazing staff that is very careful with checking for your fur babies quick. There are two ways to cut their nails without them bleeding. Sometimes with them being afraid we ask one of our fellow staff members to hold your fur baby and keep them comfortable while the other staff member clips their nails.
Make yourself aware of watching for signs that your fur babies nails need to be clipped or trimmed. If they are tapping on the floor, if they are walking funny, if they are laying around more often, if you try to touch their feet and they whine or cry, licking or chewing their feet. All of these are critical signs, please give us a call and we will be glad to assist you in clipping or trimming your fur babies nails.